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Applied Class:(93上) 日四技資三甲、進二技資一甲、日五專資四甲

Textbook:Behrouz A. Forouzan, Data Communication and Networking (3rd edition), McGraw Hill, 2004,東華代理 (第二版中譯:劉金順, 資料通信網路, 美商麥格羅‧希爾, 2003/元月, 學貫代理)


Objective : Go through the Fundamentals of DataCommunication and Networking

Contents: Download Problems Solution
Part 1 Overview of Data Communications and Networking

1. Introduction (Ch01ppt)
 * Standard Organization:IETFISOANSIITU(ITU-T、ITU-R)
  * Internet History
 * WiMAX、CDMA、WCDMA、802.11之比較

  2. Network Models (Ch02ppt)
 * Layered Architecture:ISO/OSI ModelOSI 7NA之7層比較圖
Part 2 Physical Layer
  3. Signals (Ch03ppt)
  4. Digital Transmission (Ch04ppt)

5. Analog Transmission (Ch05ppt)
* ADSL Modem Spectrum

  6. Multiplexing (Ch06ppt)
  7. Transmission Media (Ch07ppt)
  8. Circuit Switching and Telphone Network (Ch08ppt)
  9. High-Speed Digital Access:DSL, Cable Modems, and SONET (Ch09ppt)
Part 3 Data Link Layer
  10. Error Detection and Correction (Ch10ppt)
  11. Data Link Control and Protocols (Ch11ppt)
* 各種連接頭的outline
  12. Point-to-Point Access: PPP (Ch12ppt)
  13. Multiple Access (Ch13ppt)
  14. Local Area Networks: Ethernet (Ch14ppt)
  15. Wireless LANs (Ch15ppt)
  16. Connecting LANs, Backbone Networks, and Virtual LANs (Ch16ppt)
  17. Cellular Telephone and Satellite Networks (Ch17ppt)
  18. Virtual Circuit Switching: Frame relay and ATM (Ch18ppt)
Part 4 Network Layer
  19. Host-to-Host Delivery: Internetworking, Addressing, and Routing (Ch19ppt)
  20. Network Layer Protocols: ARP, IPv4, ICMP, IPv6, and ICMPv6 (Ch20ppt)
  21. Unicast and Multicast Routing: Routing Protocols (Ch21ppt)
Part 5 Transport Layer
  22. Process-to-Process Delivery: UDP and TCP (Ch22ppt)
  23. Confgestion Control and Quality of Service (Ch23ppt)
Part 6 Application Layer
  24. Client-Servr Model: Socket Interface (Ch24ppt)
  25. Domain Name System (Ch25ppt)
  26. Electronic Mail(SMTP) and File Transfer(FTP) (Ch26ppt)
  27. HTTP and WWW (Ch27ppt)
  28. Multimedia (Ch28ppt)
Part 7 Security
  29. Cryptography (Ch29ppt)
  30. Message Security, User authentication, and Key Management (Ch30ppt)
  31. Security Protocols in the Internet (Ch31ppt)



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